Technical Information

Multec’s multilayer (composite) pipes consist of 5 layers, two of them being adhesive, the inner and outer layers are cross-linked polyethylene, and the centre layer is butt welded aluminum.

The cross-linking of polyethylene gives the pipe the durability to operate at higher temperatures than other products (plastics) in the market, operating at up to 95°C @ 10Bar. The pipe will also handle lower temperatures, and is less likely to suffer from rupture in freezing conditions. Also the pipe will help dampen the damaging effect of water hammer.

The aluminium layer provides an oxygen barrier and also gives the pipe ductility so if you bend or straighten the pipe it stays in place and does not bend back. The aluminium also enables the pipe to be located with pipe locating equipment.

The fittings are DR Brass with Stainless Steel crimping sleeve’s and can be buried direct in the ground and are approved for gas or water.