About us

Multec Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned company and has been operational in Australia and New Zealand since 2006.  

The Multec System, available exclusively through Multec Pty Ltd, has Australian Standard Certificate AS4176.

Multec’s Pex-Al-Pex System pipes are five layer composite pipes: the inner and outer layers are of thermally resistant cross-linked polyethylene; between them is a diffusion-tight aluminium core layer. The aluminium and polyethylene layers are permanently bonded by an adhesive layer. All layers are extruded in one step.

All fittings are produced from solid Dezincification Resistant (DR) Brass. This means fittings need not be wrapped for direct burying in the ground.

– Working life of more than 50 years
– Substantial savings on installation time
– Requires fewer fittings than other systems
– Minimal pipe wastage
– Greater burning resistance than other polyethylene pipes
– Corrosion resistant
– Eliminates water hammer
– Bends don’t bounce back, reducing need for fittings and supports
– Pest resistant
– Can be chased directly in masonry floors and walls

Multec System guarantees against defects in manufacture of material for twenty five years, provided that installation is carried out by a licensed plumber.